A Plymouth theme featuring a progress bar in various color schemes
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Plymouth-Progress-Bar is a Plymoyth theme featuring a progress bar, available in various color schemes. It is based on Micheal Bearly's Apple Mac Plymouth Bar


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Screenshots folder (including encryption prompt)


Just run build.sh from the project folder. It will create a folder called build, where all color schemes will be available with their own folders. To generate screenshots Python 3 with the Pillow module is required. The generation of screenshots is enabled by default, but will only create 1024x768 images. More resolutions are available editing create-screenshots.py


  • Edit the .xcf files in gimp-sources with GIMP to your liking.
  • Export them as .png without changing the name, you can override existing files in color-schemes or create your own folder there.
  • The build script will only consider as a color scheme a folder inside another folder in color-schemes. So, say you want to create a theme called my-theme. You could create color-schemes/custom/my-theme, and it would generate build/my-theme-custom based on it.
  • The build script will also generate screenshots so you can preview your theme without rebooting.


This will vary between distros, but the general rule is:

  • Your /etc/default/grub must contain quiet splash in GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=
  • Copy the theme to /usr/share/plymouth/themes
  • Edit /etc/plymouth/plymouth.conf, changing Theme= to match your theme (e.g. Theme=adwaita-blue-dark)
  • Regenerate your initramfs as well as your grub.cfg (on Debian/Ubuntu should be update-initramfs -u and update-grub, both as root)

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