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= Asciidoctor Demo
Big ol' comment
sittin' right 'tween this here title 'n header metadata
Dan Allen <>
:description: A demo of Asciidoctor. This document +
exercises numerous features of AsciiDoc +
to test Asciidoctor compliance.
:library: Asciidoctor
:source-highlighter: coderay
:stylesheet: asciidoc.css
:imagesdir: images
//:backend: docbook45
//:backend: html5
//:doctype: book
:plus: &#43;
This is a demonstration of {library}. And this is the preamble of this document.
This document exercises many of the features of AsciiDoc to test the {library} implementation.
TIP: If you want the output to look familiar, copy (or link) the AsciiDoc stylesheet, asciidoc.css, to the output directory.
NOTE: Items marked with TODO are either not yet supported or a work in progress.
[[first,First Steps]]
== First Steps with[AsciiDoc]
.Inline markup
* single quotes around a phrase place 'emphasis'
* astericks around a phrase make the text *bold*
* double astericks around one or more **l**etters in a word make those letters bold
* double underscore around a __sub__string in a word emphasize that substring
* use carrots around characters to make them ^super^script
* use tildes around characters to make them ~sub~script
* to pass through +++<u>HTML</u>+++ directly, surround the text with triple plus
* to pass through +++<constant>XML</constant>+++ directly, surround the text with triple plus
// separate two adjacent lists using a line comment (only the leading // is required)
- characters can be escaped using a {backslash}
* for instance, you can escape a quote inside emphasized text like 'Here\'s Johnny!'
- you can safely use reserved XML characters like <, > and &, which are escaped when rendering
- force a space{sp}between inline elements using the \{sp} attribute
- hold text together with an intrinsic non-breaking{nbsp}space attribute, \{nbsp}
- handle words with unicode characters like in the name Gregory Romé
- claim your copyright (C), registered trademark (R) or trademark (TM)
You can write text[with inline links], optionally{sp}using an explicit link:[link prefix]. In either case, the link can have a[query string].
If you want to break a line +
just end it in a {plus} sign +
and continue typing on the next line.
=== Lists Upon Lists
.Adjacent lists
* this list
* should join
* to have
* four items
.Numbered lists
. These items
. will be auto-numbered
.. and can be nested
. A numbered list can nest
* unordered
* list
* items
I swear I left it in 'Guy\'s' car. Let\'s go look for it.
line two
[[another_term]]another term::
another definition, which can be literal (indented) or regular paragraph
This should be a standalone paragraph, not grabbed by the definition list.
* first level
written on two lines
* first level
with this literal text
** second level
*** third level
- fourth level
* back to +
first level
// this is just a comment
Let's make a horizontal rule...
then take a break.
We'll be right with you...
after this brief interruption.
== We're back!
Want to see a image:tiger.png[Tiger]?
Do you feel safer with the tiger in a box?
.Tiger in a box
.Asciidoctor usage example, should contain 3 lines
[source, ruby]
doc ="*This* is it!", :header_footer => false)
puts doc.render
// FIXME: use ifdef to show output according to backend
Here's what it outputs (using the built-in templates):
<div class="paragraph">
<p><strong>This</strong> is it!</p>
=== ``Quotes''
AsciiDoc is 'so' *powerful*!
This verse comes to mind.
La la la
Here's another quote:
[quote, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes]
When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
Getting Literal [[literally]]
Want to get literal? Just prefix a line with a space (just one will do).
I'll join that party, too.
We forgot to mention in <<numbered>> that you can change the numbering style.
.. first item (yeah!)
.. second item, looking `so mono`
.. third item, +mono+ it is!
// This attribute line will get reattached to the next block
// despite being followed by a trailing blank line
== Wrap-up
NOTE: AsciiDoc is quite cool, you should try it!
Go to this URL to learn more about it:
Or you could return to the xref:first[] or <<purpose,Purpose>>.
Here's a reference to the definition of <<another_term>>, in case you forgot it.
One more thing. Happy documenting!
[[google]]When all else fails, head over to <>.

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