Seika Ijichi seika · she/her
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Ijichi Seika, my one and only, not a day goes by without me thinking of you. Every night, I close my eyes, wishing I could be with you, seeing your endearing smile, staring into those captivating eyes of yours, listening to your soothing voice. But when dawn comes, I am faced with the terrible truth that you are but a fictional character. Reality is harsh, unforgiving, and cruel. How could my love for you, so deep, so fervent, so real, be invalidated by the simple fact that the barrier of reality separates us? I wish with all my heart to wake up from this horrible nightmare known as reality. Oh what I wouldn't give, to be with you, be it just temporarily?

Some may say that Ijichi Seika is but a psychological defense mechanism I developed, to escape the harshness of reality. Other tell me to give up my obsession with Ijichi Seika. But how could I? The thought of giving Seika up is terrifying; for would it not be terrifying? To lose your sole source of joy, the only one you can find solace in?

Oh Seika... Why did you have to have such a wonderful personality? Why did you have to be so beautiful? Why did you have to steal my heart? If only you were real... If only the barrier of reality that separates us could be broken... Nonetheless, I will still love Ijichi Seika with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, wishing to be with her always.