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Charles Hall
use fromToolchainFile
I *think* this will make it easier to pull in extra rustc targets.
2024-01-25 11:39:16 -08:00
Charles Hall
make let bindings take pkgs as an argument
Again, will make cross compilation easier to set up.
2024-01-25 11:39:16 -08:00
Charles Hall
rename pkgs to pkgsHost
This will make organizing cross compilation easier.
2024-01-25 11:39:16 -08:00
Charles Hall
remove with for nativeBuildInputs
It's going to get more involved and that `with` was too specific.
2024-01-25 11:39:16 -08:00
Charles Hall
don't bother with mold
For now, at least. I suspect it will make cross compilation more
2024-01-25 11:39:16 -08:00
Charles Hall
push oci image and x86_64-*-gnu build to bin cache
This will allow most Nix users to use the `default` package and without
having to build from source. And also allows any weirdos to get the OCI
image from the Nix binary cache if they want. No idea why that would be
desireable though lol
2024-01-25 11:37:35 -08:00
Charles Hall
add script to build and push to binary cache
This is even useful for local development, as you can pre-populate the
binary cache before running CI (assuming you have the token). Also, it
being in a script makes it easier to test.

We've added attic as a flake input even though the flake itself doesn't
use it so that we can use `--inputs-from .` in Nix commands to reference
a locked version of attic. This helps with reproducibility and caching,
and to makes it easy to update attic because it's part of the normal
flake lifecycle.
2024-01-25 11:34:46 -08:00
Charles Hall
add our own binary cache
The machine I'm hosting this on doesn't have incredible upload speeds
but it should be good enough?
2024-01-25 10:51:21 -08:00
Charles Hall
add crane binary cache
This way we don't need to build e.g. crane-utils every time.
2024-01-24 23:25:48 -08:00
Charles Hall
state artifacts' targets and rename artifacts
This will make it more obvious what's what and be more internally
2024-01-24 23:25:42 -08:00
Charles Hall
ca198c51fa Merge branch 'reqwest-follow-up' into 'next'
move resolver logic into the resolver

See merge request famedly/conduit!571
2024-01-24 23:24:00 +00:00
Charles Hall
move resolver logic into the resolver
Honestly not sure why it wasn't done like this before. This code is much
less awkward to follow and more compartmentalized.

These changes were mainly motivated by a clippy lint triggering on the
original code, which then made me wonder if I could get rid of some of
the `Box`ing. Turns out I could, and this is the result of that.
2024-01-24 15:11:17 -08:00
Timo Kösters
c86f9a5c5b Merge branch 'pr_upstream_reqwest' into 'next'
Use upstream `reqwest` instead of vendored one

See merge request famedly/conduit!527
2024-01-24 21:59:34 +00:00
Timo Kösters
e0358a9de5 Merge branch 'send_push_to_invited_user' into 'next'
feat: send push notification on invite to invited user and etc

Closes #399

See merge request famedly/conduit!559
2024-01-24 17:55:22 +00:00
Tobias Bucher
69d0003222 Use upstream reqwest instead of vendored one
This uses the `ClientBuilder::dns_resolver` function that was added in
reqwest 0.11.13, instead of the homebrew `ClientBuilder::resolve_fn`.
2024-01-24 17:12:43 +01:00
Timo Kösters
5cf9f3df48 Merge branch 'lints' into 'next'
fix CI

See merge request famedly/conduit!564
2024-01-24 15:42:20 +00:00
Charles Hall
add debian package building in ci
This uses a separate step and docker image, which I'm not a huge fan of.
At least I could get this to work for now, but I won't be shocked when
it breaks later. I know, I know, fixing this kind of problem is the
exact reason I bothered to do this, but I was really struggling to do
better here. Maybe I can take a second pass at this later.

Also, this explicitly names the caches, because without this, various
things related to linking will break.
2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
redo docker image and build it in ci 2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
use nix-filter to filter sources
This prevents nix from rebuilding conduit when files that don't actually
effect the build are changed.
2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
update flake.lock
Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'crane':
    'github:ipetkov/crane/8b08e96c9af8c6e3a2b69af5a7fa168750fcf88e' (2023-07-07)
  → 'github:ipetkov/crane/742170d82cd65c925dcddc5c3d6185699fbbad08' (2024-01-18)
• Removed input 'crane/flake-compat'
• Removed input 'crane/flake-utils'
• Removed input 'crane/rust-overlay'
• Removed input 'crane/rust-overlay/flake-utils'
• Removed input 'crane/rust-overlay/nixpkgs'
• Updated input 'fenix':
    'github:nix-community/fenix/39096fe3f379036ff4a5fa198950b8e79defe939' (2023-07-16)
  → 'github:nix-community/fenix/e132ea0eb0c799a2109a91688e499d7bf4962801' (2024-01-18)
• Updated input 'fenix/rust-analyzer-src':
    'github:rust-lang/rust-analyzer/996e054f1eb1dbfc8455ecabff0f6ff22ba7f7c8' (2023-07-15)
  → 'github:rust-lang/rust-analyzer/9d9b34354d2f13e33568c9c55b226dd014a146a0' (2024-01-17)
• Updated input 'flake-utils':
    'github:numtide/flake-utils/919d646de7be200f3bf08cb76ae1f09402b6f9b4' (2023-07-11)
  → 'github:numtide/flake-utils/1ef2e671c3b0c19053962c07dbda38332dcebf26' (2024-01-15)
• Updated input 'nixpkgs':
    'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/8acef304efe70152463a6399f73e636bcc363813' (2023-07-15)
  → 'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/842d9d80cfd4560648c785f8a4e6f3b096790e19' (2024-01-17)
2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
use nix and engage to manage ci 2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
remove workflow rules
I don't think these are actually necessary? At least in my own testing,
I haven't seen duplicate pipelines for a single commit when converting
from just a branch to a merge request.
2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
remove dockerlint step because it does nothing
It's configured to let the pipeline pass even if there are warnings or
errors, i.e. it's pointless.
2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
remove commented out ci step
If you want it back, just look at the git history.
2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
improve nix flake
Also fix the comment in `Cargo.toml` about the rust-version stuff.
2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
add an engage file
See <> for info.
2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
fix cargo doc lints
Rustdoc (rightfully) thought the `[commandbody]` "tags" were broken
links, so I've just made them links to nothing instead.
2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
fix cargo clippy lints 2024-01-24 07:22:37 -08:00
Charles Hall
fix cargo check lints 2024-01-24 07:22:25 -08:00
Charles Hall
comment out heed backend things
The code in conduit doesn't compile.
2024-01-18 12:27:48 -08:00
Timo Kösters
2475995102 Merge branch 'conduit/declare-1.5-support' into 'next'
declare 1.5 support

See merge request famedly/conduit!568
2024-01-17 17:56:21 +00:00
Charles Hall
declare 1.5 support 2024-01-16 13:52:56 -08:00
Timo Kösters
ca6219723b Merge branch 'conduit/envrc-shebang' into 'next'
add shebang to .envrc

See merge request famedly/conduit!566
2023-12-24 15:36:52 +00:00
Timo Kösters
40c7c248fb Merge branch 'conduit/rm-presence-panic' into 'next'
don't panic on missing presence status for a user

See merge request famedly/conduit!565
2023-12-24 15:36:36 +00:00
Charles Hall
add shebang to .envrc
All this really does is make syntax highlighting and shellcheck work by
default in more editors.
2023-12-23 22:21:19 -08:00
Charles Hall
don't panic on missing presence status for a user 2023-12-23 21:01:01 -08:00
Timo Kösters
30f0871e21 Merge branch 'sendjoin-signature-error' into 'next'
Log underlying error when rejecting sendjoin response

See merge request famedly/conduit!563
2023-12-11 15:11:42 +00:00
Val Lorentz
98e81c6217 Log underlying error when rejecting sendjoin response 2023-12-03 19:38:09 +01:00
f3b6b3e222 feat: send push notification on invite to invited user and etc 2023-11-07 12:46:53 +00:00
Timo Kösters
3bfdae795d Merge branch 'sliding' into 'next'
Sliding sync improvements and redaction fixes

See merge request famedly/conduit!549
2023-09-13 18:57:57 +00:00
Timo Kösters
Sliding sync improvements and redaction fixes 2023-09-13 20:54:53 +02:00
Timo Kösters
094cb888d4 Merge branch 'badacl' into 'next'
fix: ACL error shouldn't break the whole request

See merge request famedly/conduit!542
2023-09-13 18:46:03 +00:00
Timo Kösters
fa725a14e2 Merge branch 'lukehmcc-next-patch-37096' into 'next'
Update to fix typo & fix compatibility with new versions of docker compose

See merge request famedly/conduit!545
2023-09-11 18:34:06 +00:00
Luke McCarthy
9b3664aeeb Update to fix typo & fix compatibility with new versions of docker compose 2023-08-27 02:14:03 +00:00
Jonas Zohren
90fea00dc7 Merge branch 'docs-docker-coturn' into 'next'
Docs: coturn instructions for docker

See merge request famedly/conduit!498
2023-08-23 14:18:42 +00:00
Jonas Zohren
20924a44f1 Suggestion on how to generate a secure key 2023-08-23 11:17:47 +02:00
38d6426b0e coturn setup instructions for docker 2023-08-23 11:09:21 +02:00
Timo Kösters
Back off from more events, don't retry auth events 2023-08-12 09:53:32 +02:00
Timo Kösters
fix: ACL error shouldn't break the whole request 2023-08-11 20:29:22 +02:00
Timo Kösters
6dfb262ddf Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'next'
log handling previous event time as debug

See merge request famedly/conduit!540
2023-08-11 09:27:42 +00:00