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Timo Kösters
f4c1748ab1 Merge branch 'bugfix/well-known-missing' into 'next'
It's ok not being able to find a .well-known response.

See merge request famedly/conduit!519
2023-07-28 15:45:59 +00:00
Tobias Tom
7990822f72 It's ok not being able to find a .well-known response. 2023-07-28 16:26:40 +01:00
Timo Kösters
2a100412fa Merge branch 'relax-rocksdb' into 'next'
relax recovery mode

See merge request famedly/conduit!516
2023-07-27 06:12:31 +00:00
Timo Kösters
3e7652909b Merge branch 'maximize-fd-limit' into 'next'
maximize fd limit

See merge request famedly/conduit!515
2023-07-27 06:11:05 +00:00
Charles Hall
relax recovery mode 2023-07-26 15:32:36 -07:00
Charles Hall
maximize fd limit 2023-07-26 13:24:44 -07:00
54a115caf3 Change link from docker-compose.override.traefik.yml to docker-compose.override.yml in 2023-07-26 18:53:19 +00:00
Timo Kösters
81866170f0 Merge branch 'spaces' into 'next'
fix: spaces with restricted rooms

See merge request famedly/conduit!513
2023-07-26 06:40:00 +00:00
Timo Kösters
fix: spaces with restricted rooms 2023-07-26 08:34:12 +02:00
Timo Kösters
9f14ad7125 Merge branch 'sync-up-debian-packaging' into 'next'
Sync up Debian packaging

See merge request famedly/conduit!510
2023-07-24 17:10:45 +00:00
Timo Kösters
90a10c84ef Merge branch 'slidingfixes' into 'next'
Better sliding sync

See merge request famedly/conduit!511
2023-07-24 08:48:27 +00:00
Timo Kösters
Sliding sync subscriptions, e2ee, to_device messages 2023-07-24 10:42:52 +02:00
Timo Kösters
slightly better sliding sync 2023-07-24 10:42:47 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg
Also create the conduit (system) group
The `chown` command mentioned later in `` needs this group to
exist. Also make sure this account cannot be used to login with by
disabling its password and its shell.

This is similar to how the Debian `postinst` script does this.
2023-07-23 12:53:43 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg
Add section about how to download/install/deploy
This refers to `` as to not duplicate the information.
2023-07-23 12:53:36 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg
Turn README.Debian into a markdown file
It is common to have a markdown file per deployment subdirectory.
Still install it as `README.Debian` to `/usr/share/doc/matrix-conduit`
as per Debian policy.

Also update the link in the main `` file.
2023-07-23 12:37:38 +02:00
Paul van Tilburg
Fix up permissions of the database path
Also apply the database creation and ownership change on every
installation and upgrade.
2023-07-23 12:37:38 +02:00
Timo Kösters
1e560529d8 Merge branch 'nix-upkeep' into 'next'
Nix upkeep

See merge request famedly/conduit!505
2023-07-23 09:23:41 +00:00
Timo Kösters
ff98444d03 Merge branch 'nogroup' into 'next'
[Security fix] Create dedicated user group

See merge request famedly/conduit!509
2023-07-23 09:22:39 +00:00
82f31d6b72 Replace nogroup with dedicated user group 2023-07-23 14:21:36 +08:00
Charles Hall
only listen on IPv6 since that's what conduit does 2023-07-21 12:12:37 -07:00
bd8fec3836 changed registry options
1. Recommended GitLab's own registry over Docker Hub. (Reason:
2. Added the development image :next to the list of options.
3. Displayed text for Docker Hub now contains "" as part of the link for easier copy-paste for podman users. Clicking on the link still takes to the website.
2023-07-21 20:33:32 +02:00
Charles Hall
Revert "only use musl on x86_64"
This reverts commit 56f0f3dfa4.

This shouldn't be needed anymore since [this][0] reached nixos-unstable.

2023-07-16 13:48:05 -07:00
Charles Hall
nixpkgs' rocksdb is now new enough :)
This reverts commit abd0a014e8.
2023-07-16 13:47:42 -07:00
Charles Hall
update flake.lock
Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'crane':
    'github:ipetkov/crane/75f7d715f8088f741be9981405f6444e2d49efdd' (2023-06-13)
  → 'github:ipetkov/crane/8b08e96c9af8c6e3a2b69af5a7fa168750fcf88e' (2023-07-07)
• Updated input 'crane/rust-overlay':
    'github:oxalica/rust-overlay/c535b4f3327910c96dcf21851bbdd074d0760290' (2023-06-03)
  → 'github:oxalica/rust-overlay/f9b92316727af9e6c7fee4a761242f7f46880329' (2023-07-03)
• Updated input 'fenix':
    'github:nix-community/fenix/df0a6e4ec44b4a276acfa5a96d2a83cb2dfdc791' (2023-06-17)
  → 'github:nix-community/fenix/39096fe3f379036ff4a5fa198950b8e79defe939' (2023-07-16)
• Updated input 'fenix/rust-analyzer-src':
    'github:rust-lang/rust-analyzer/a5a71c75e62a0eaa1b42a376f7cf3d348cb5dec6' (2023-06-16)
  → 'github:rust-lang/rust-analyzer/996e054f1eb1dbfc8455ecabff0f6ff22ba7f7c8' (2023-07-15)
• Updated input 'flake-utils':
    'github:numtide/flake-utils/a1720a10a6cfe8234c0e93907ffe81be440f4cef' (2023-05-31)
  → 'github:numtide/flake-utils/919d646de7be200f3bf08cb76ae1f09402b6f9b4' (2023-07-11)
• Updated input 'nixpkgs':
    'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/04af42f3b31dba0ef742d254456dc4c14eedac86' (2023-06-17)
  → 'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/8acef304efe70152463a6399f73e636bcc363813' (2023-07-15)
2023-07-16 13:37:40 -07:00
Timo Kösters
e9946f81a0 Merge branch 'e2eefed' into 'next'
fix: e2ee over federation

See merge request famedly/conduit!504
2023-07-16 14:54:44 +00:00
Timo Kösters
fix: e2ee over federation 2023-07-16 16:50:03 +02:00
Timo Kösters
706148f941 Merge branch 'nhekobug' into 'next'
fix: nheko e2ee verification bug

See merge request famedly/conduit!503
2023-07-15 21:46:12 +00:00
Timo Kösters
fix: could not verify own events 2023-07-15 23:43:25 +02:00
Jonas Zohren
17180a3e08 capitalize names 2023-07-13 16:54:56 +00:00
Timo Kösters
3c6ffd88bf Merge branch 'unbreak-aarch64-nix' into 'next'
only use musl on x86_64

See merge request famedly/conduit!502
2023-07-11 14:11:45 +00:00
Timo Kösters
fix: nheko e2ee verification bug 2023-07-10 23:10:27 +02:00
Charles Hall
only use musl on x86_64
Since that's all I've tested it on. Apparently this caused issues on
aarch64 even though it allegedly shouldn't.
2023-07-10 11:06:19 -07:00
Timo Kösters
ad06d475de Merge branch 'sliding' into 'next'
Very basic Element X support and fixes

See merge request famedly/conduit!501
2023-07-10 14:35:35 +00:00
Timo Kösters
fix: spaces with restricted rooms 2023-07-10 16:28:08 +02:00
Timo Kösters
fix: actually clear memory in the admin commands 2023-07-10 16:27:42 +02:00
Timo Kösters
fix: never try federation with self 2023-07-10 16:26:36 +02:00
Timo Kösters
fix: better sliding sync 2023-07-10 16:25:33 +02:00
Timo Kösters
bump ruma 2023-07-10 16:24:57 +02:00
Timo Kösters
feat: very simple sliding sync implementation 2023-07-06 10:32:25 +02:00
Jonas Zohren
eab5dac6e8 Merge branch 'fix-docker-build-image-size' into 'next'
ci: Fix "0 B" image size display

See merge request famedly/conduit!499
2023-07-04 21:18:25 +00:00
Jonas Zohren
c4824a6ebc ci: Fix "0 B" image size display
works around gitlab issue
2023-07-04 21:13:11 +00:00
Timo Kösters
f8a36e7554 Merge branch 'memory' into 'next'
improvement: better memory usage and admin commands to analyze it

See merge request famedly/conduit!497
2023-07-03 17:43:27 +00:00
Timo Kösters
improvement: better memory usage and admin commands to analyze it 2023-07-03 19:41:07 +02:00
Timo Kösters
833c1505f1 Merge branch 'hierarchy' into 'next'
feat: space hierarchies

See merge request famedly/conduit!495
2023-07-03 13:56:47 +00:00
Timo Kösters
fix: cache invalidation 2023-07-02 22:50:50 +02:00
Timo Kösters
f0a27dcb00 Merge branch 'next' into 'next'
update example configurations in for Apache and Nginx which include...

See merge request famedly/conduit!493
2023-07-02 20:20:31 +00:00
Timo Kösters
feat: space hierarchies 2023-07-02 22:12:06 +02:00
Jacob Taylor
2640f67e4b remove comments 2023-07-02 18:00:30 +00:00
Timo Kösters
eb8bc1af8d Merge branch 'jplatte/axum06' into 'next'
Upgrade axum to 0.6

See merge request famedly/conduit!494
2023-07-02 07:02:04 +00:00