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Installing with Prism Launcher or ATLauncher

Go to the Releases page of this repository and download GalacticFactory - Prism Launcher.zip or GalacticFactory - ATLauncher.zip, depending on your launcher

Alternatively, you can use this link in your launcher instead of downloading the zip file manually.

# For Prism Launcher

# For ATLauncher


Installing with unsup

(Other Launchers/Servers)

unsup is a useful tool that lets you automatically install and update a modpack through the Packwiz pack.toml file of that pack.

First, you need to download the unsup_setup script compatible with your system.
If you're on Windows, use this link.
If you're on Linux or MacOS, use this link.
After that, follow the instructions below for your platform:


First, move the unsup_setup script to your server's root folder (the folder that has your server .jar) and run it, then add the following to your unix_args.txt file.


You'll also want to add the following line to your unsup.ini file, under preset=minecraft.


After this, I recommend following the post-install guide:

Post-install tips and tricks

Pre-loading chunks (Servers)

I highly recommend pre-loading your chunks so that you can prevent lag when players generate new ones. Chunky is included in GalacticFactory as of 0.2.0, here are a few basic commands to pre-load with the mod. Keep in mind that pre-loading can take quite a long time, and you should probably do it when people aren't online.

Choose the world, replacing minecraft:overworld with the corresponding world:

chunky world minecraft:overworld

Choose the radius to pre-load, replacing 2500 with how much you want to do:

chunky radius 2500

After choosing the world and the radius, start pre-loading:

chunky start

Modrinth App

Create a new 1.20.1 Forge instance, and go to your settings page.

Then, move the unsup_setup file to your instance's .minecraft folder and run it. You can click the Folder button to open your instance's folder.

Scroll down in your settings page until you find the Java category. Click the Override global java arguments button, then put the following argument into your Java arguments field.


Launch the game, and the modpack will automatically download itself and update on launch.

Other Launchers

If your launcher supports custom JVM arguments, move the unsup_setup file into your instance's .minecraft folder and run it, then add the following argument to your JVM arguments.


If it doesn't, please contact us in our Discord server.
We do not support the vanilla Minecraft Launcher. If you're looking for a launcher to use, I'd recommend Prism Launcher.

Modifying Optional Content

This modpack includes some mods that are optional. You can turn these on or off in the Unsup Installation GUI.

  • Delete the .unsup-state.jsonfile in your .minecraft/instance directory.
    • Make sure you have hidden files set to show up in File Explorer.
  • Start the game.
  • Click on the mods you'd like to install. Hovering over a mod's name will show its description.
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  • Click OK. You're done!