A Intel 8080-Emulator written in C and GTK
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This is a 8080-Emulator written in C, built with the help of the website: http://www.emulator101.com/ in order to emulate the space invaders game.

As someone who uses emulators like Dolphin, Citra, RPCS3, Cemu and Yuzu all the time and loves to read the development notes, I decided to build an emulator myself. I like to take things slow, so I opted to emulate one of the earliest processors - the 1974's Intel 8080.


On the Philosophy of Processors

I finally understand how CISC processors work, I've played Turing Complete and built 2 RISC processors in the game and also one in my computer architecture class, but I've never really imagined how CISC-commands look like. It's a different philosophy, though to be honest I still prefer the RISC-architecture even if the machine code turns out to be longer, because beauty is in simplicity and elegance.


This was the most painful thing to implement, as the framebuffer is saved as a bitmap that also needs to be rotated, it took me many tries to get the game display working.

i8080 i8080

It initially looked like this: i8080

Current state

  • Disassembler
  • Understanding the i8080 machine code
  • Emulating the i8080
  • I/O-functionality

-------diverging from the guide--------

  • Graphical display
  • Done :D