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🎉 Zany Timer Extravaganza 🎉

Welcome to the Zany Timer Extravaganza! This interactive web application is designed to bring fun and excitement through various timer-based games. Each game offers a unique challenge that tests your timing and reaction skills. Get ready to tap, time, and react!

🕒 Current Games

1. Timer Game 🕐

Tap the "Start/Stop Timer" button to start the timer and stop it to see how long you lasted. Try to improve your timing with each attempt!

2. 2-Second Challenge ⏱️

Challenge yourself to tap exactly 2 seconds after starting the timer. See how close you can get to the 2-second mark!

3. Ghost Buster Game 👻

Press "Start" and wait for a ghost emoji to appear randomly within 10 seconds. Bust the ghost as soon as you see it by pressing the "Bust Ghost" button. Be quick, or you might miss your chance!

4. Reserved for BKD 🚧

This section is reserved for future development. Stay tuned for more exciting games!

🚀 Getting Started

To run this project locally:

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Navigate to the project directory.
  3. Run npm install to install dependencies.
  4. Run npm start to start the server.
  5. Open your browser and go to http://localhost:3000 to play the games!

Enjoy the Zany Timer Extravaganza and test your timing skills! 🎮